mUZY and Satory legacy products and projects

MPBM LLC holds the intellectual properties and supports the legacy products of mUZY and Satory audio brands.
All mUZY and Satory audio products are out of warranty. While we are doing our best, we can't promise the best possible outcome for your support request.


If you have an issue with Satory audio product or it needs repair, please contact us >>
All Satory design and installation projects are finished to our best knoledge. We can refer profesional services from other companies if needed.
Documents available on-line:
Manuals, System logs and Setup notes - access by serial number
Design and Installation documents and Blueprints - access by project code
Guests are welcome to visit Satory's website archive as it was live at from 1995 to 2004.


This website does not provide online support or infromation about mUZY deWarmth analog processor, mUZY MIDI conrolers or other custom build units - if you own or use one of those we will be hapy to hear from you >>

Free beta version of deWarmth VST plug-in (Windows only) is available here.
The plug-in recreates the idea behind the physical unit but does not emulates nor has the unique charasteristics of the mUZY deWarmth analog processor.
deWarmth aims to reduce the reverberation at the low end of the sonic spectrum know as Warmth and is not related to 'vacuum tube' sound, or other sound charasteristics. More info here >>

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